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Company’s Philosophy

Vilave has as strategic plan the promotion of competitiveness by increasing productivity, flexibility and responsiveness with active and persistent presence in the global market.

However it is not enough to provide value to customers but do it better than the competitors, developing a product with distinction in terms of price, quality and speed.

In order to enhance and ensure the quality of the work the company has been making successive training plans, intending to continue this way.

Synonymous with Quality

Modern equipment and qualified handwork.

Vilave has modern automated equipment, as well as a samples room and qualified personnel to ensure efficient responses of quality and delivery times.

Its purpose is to create, maintain and strengthen a solid relationship of trust with customers, in order to be recognized as a credible partner.

Our Numbers

We’ve evolved with the experience we have gained

The gained experience over the years has allowed the expansion of Vilave. We increased production. We have increased the number of employees. We have improved ourselves and growed our facilities.

Annual Production


Markets Where We Operate

Vilave operates in different markets, although by customized subcontracting or by national exporters, supplying the raw material. It is our intention in the future to change this situation by acquiring directly the textiles.

It is in this evolutionary scenario that Vilave intends to achieve business success, targeting for the international wholesale and retail markets acting as purchasing agent for the entire textile sector.

About Vilave

The secret of our success lays in the work of our team.

João Monteiro

General Manager

Raquel Monteiro

Finantial Department

Filipe Monteiro

Sales Department

Dores Monteiro

Production Department

Luís Silva

Cutting Responsible

Carla Torres

Production Responsible

Rafaela Silva

Production Line Responsible

Marilisa Costa

Accessories and Warehouse Responsible

Social Area

Social responsibility is present in the everyday life of Vilave

Vilave is a company that cares for the well-being of employees and the community around. We provide recreational and rest spaces to our employees. We are involved in major social causes and seek to collaborate with the community in solidarity actions.

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Rua Professor Hermano Padrão, n.º 123, 4795-102 Vila das Aves

Lat: 41.3676276 | Lng: -8.4037097

Phone: 252 942 120 | Fax: 252 874 100

E-mail: geral@vilave.pt

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